Digital Artist, Photographer •

Quezon City, Philippines

Hello, I'm Geza, I'm 20 years old. a self taught Digital Artist, I've been experiencing Adobe Photoshop for almost 6years. I'm capable of doing Retouches, Wallpapers, Cards, Animations, Abstract Designs. I'm specialize to do Photo Manipulation. I'm currently studying the other works of many Artist, reading blog sites, magazines. that contains the inspiration that I needed. I dont stop learning because everyday is an inspiring artistic day.

I also have some experience with the following programs:

-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Premiere
-Adobe After Effects
-Apophysis X7
-Autodesk Maya

I'm a Photography graduate back in 2010 and used to learn from Basic to Advance Photography. :)

I'm currently taking Multimedia Arts in STI College Muñoz-EDSA a two year course, after this I will take on Game Developing somewhere. Ah, yes. I'm addicted to games :)

and I also do Cosplaying stuffs and make up! I really like Japanese Fashion, Japanese rock Bands, Uhh, anything that has Japanese on it. Lol. :)

Somehow, I find life difficult yet fun.

Visual Kei is my LIFE.