shebid commented on Shimmering Blues

While i admire this painting as a whole (I mean, from top to bottom, there is not a single part of it that isn't pure perfection.) I have to go on about the detail work! I mean really!! Sometimes the parts of a piece I am most-taken by are the most odd parts of a piece to mention, but I don't care. Here we go... the pores, oh my god the PORES! Not only those, but the wrinkles on the outside corner of her eye.. I mean, it's little details like these that make it so special. I am also particularly fond of how you painted every. little. crevice of her lips, and lit them accordingly so. And last thing, I swear.. the tiny little barely-noticable hair to the (our) left side... the tiny backlit hair wisps.. wow. I appreciate how much thought you put into this. < / scattered comment >

May 1st, 2011