Concept art   Darkon by sharvampire

Concept art Darkon

by sharvampire in Concept arts

"Of the sons and daughters of newborns, he will be one, named by his fellows the Dark One" - Book of the Firstborn, chapter 15 verse 3.

One cold evening at the beginning of Fall, the black clothed man crossed the Airinval Gate* of Goragoth. He came out of nowhere. Stopped by guards, he said that he came to protect and serve. They wanted to see his face. What they saw, frightened them and frozen their blood...

No one knows where Darkon came from. Some say that he's a demonic creature of Hell himself, some say that it must be a member of a distant Draconian sub race and in nearest time more of them will came to Goragoth. But he's the only one.
The truth is that no living being saw a creature like him. His skin, unlike his fellows, which is delicate and pale, is black. Purely black. His eyes, bloody red, glowing with internal flame. With these features he arouses both fear and respect.
The only reason that other Draconians still keep him as captain of their army is that nobody, who challenged him to a duel, ever won with him. Deadly, strong, very fast, highly agile, shown almost natural skills for using long swords and medium armors. When he shows at the battlefield, enemies often runaway in panic.
Moreover, in time of sorrow, as the first one he have shown his full and highly controlled ability to change his form.

Darkon is a quiet observer. He become accustomed that everyone threat him with a shade of fear, even if he doesn't show any signs of negativeness. Within Draconians, people and elves who often visit Goragoth he gain the title of "the Dark One".
Maybe they just don't know him well enough?

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