_stranger by serenaburroughs


by serenaburroughs in drawings

reference photo is by danny st. photography. here is the link to his stranger-project, maybe you recognize the photo I chose : http://www.dannyst.com/gallery/portraits-of-strangers/

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    great piece. again she looks empty, but it could be me as well. nice reflection in her pupils, and pretty iridae as well.

    Sep 19th, 2013 Reply
    • serenaburroughs


      thank you! And yeah, I know what you mean. I wish I was better sometimes ... but then again, I think: you don't draw enough lol. It more my second passion. My heart belongs to photography ;D

      Sep 19th, 2013 Reply


      yes, i can see. but improving on the one suspect also makes you see the other in a better light.
      so i guess you chose the right priorities.
      and that empty comment should in no way be offensive. i really like that. in fact i find it attractive to see a girl, seemingly like a broken mirror of myself.
      those that dance different, and are hard to conquer are the ones attracting me the most. but i think every girl is lovely if you know her secret skeletons in the closet. these vulnerabilities are what awakens the guardian in a man.
      i gave up on painting, it killed me one time too often to stare in a girls eyes for days. still draw sometimes — but only for a little relief, so i drift into the abstract — which also makes it easier to capture someone without noticing.
      your skills are truly amazing, and admirable

      Sep 19th, 2013 Reply
  • Lhianne


    wonderful work.

    Jun 2nd, 2013 Reply
  • Lucifer


    absolutely amazing! this is great!

    May 25th, 2013 Reply Who wants a hug?