The Perfect Me by seikiunne11

The Perfect Me

by seikiunne11 in Watercolor

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I had been unproductive the past week, literally. Wasn't able to do anything much aside from playing games and random writing. The urge to draw just suddenly sprang up today. Somehow happy I was able to do something to break the monotonous week.

Watercolor on paper 12x18, about 4hours. Yep, I started at around 12noon and finished now 4:00pm.


I wish I could be the perfect me.
The doll face and body structure.
The eye-candy of all.
The most pleasing above anything else.
Of which has no emotion, with only that pretty small smile plastered on my face forever.
A pretty mask to hide anything and everything I feel.
A pretty face anyone and everyone will love.
A mask that will hide age, loneliness, heartaches, pain, and solitude.
A face, nothing but a shameless face, that can withstand life however broken the perfect me can get.


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