Strange Waters by seikiunne11

Strange Waters

by seikiunne11 in Watercolor

'These are strange waters,' the mermaid thought as she watched a land flower fall from the surface of the sea. She was amazed by its strange beauty, she has never seen anything like it across the seas. She was forbidden to go up, to surface, but curiosity gets the best of her, she wanted to see where the flower came from.

Watercolor on Paper 12x18

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  • QuakerNinja


    What a grand idea. Mermaids and flowers should belong together. It's a perfect match.

    Jul 23rd, 2011 Reply
    • seikiunne11


      Thank you! I think so too. :)

      Just sad my camera phone can't capture the colors and details well. :( The rose looked blurry.

      Jul 23rd, 2011 Reply