My Body is My Prison by seikiunne11

My Body is My Prison

by seikiunne11 in Other Media

I started painting this about four years ago. I got too busy with other things in life that I neglected this roll of paper. It just slept in the corner of my room, until late this evening that I got sooooo damn bored and I wanted to do something productive. I was so intent in remaking this that I got paint on my face.

"My Body is My Prison"

The concept:

I am a prisoner of my own femininity. I am a slave of my own womanhood. My body is my prison. I am a victim of social dictates and discrimination. I am in a constant struggle for my life and vanity. And I am responsible for the future; the life of the children I will bear, or will I choose to kill. I am a slave of the society, an abused being of desire and sexuality. This is what life makes me for I am a woman.

Acrylic on Paper 350gsm
2x3 feet

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