"Maynila sa Araw ng Linggo. Nagpapahinga nga ba?" by seikiunne11

"Maynila sa Araw ng Linggo. Nagpapahinga nga ba?"

by seikiunne11 in Other Media

"Maynila sa Araw ng Linggo. Nagpapahinga nga ba?"
in English, "Manila on a Sunday Morning. Does it really rest?"

My entry for the 27th Shell National Students Art Competition in 2004
I was in first year college haha! Did not win or place unfortunately. ;)
(I had to run through CDs and my old hard drive to find this picture.)

I guess this piece has been so strong, social awareness isn't that popular in the Philippine Art scene. "They" prefer aesthetic appeal with neutral themes or concepts.

Manila is overpopulated and poverty is evident. Street children and homeless people can be seen roaming in streets, sleeping wherever it isn't wet, and eating whatever is available. That is the harsh reality of poverty. However we think that it is the city, no one could deny and mask the face of hunger and life's cruelty to the poor.

I've been lucky to be born to a decently living family, not rich but not poor. You work hard for what you eat, to be able to live well, and to be able to study. But not all are privileged. And not all can rise from poverty. This is actually a call to people, and of course the government. How many people should go hungry? How many people should remain homeless and jobless? How many more children should be uneducated?

Manila is a city, it really never sleeps.

Acrylic on Paper
3x3 ft

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