Look only at me by seikiunne11

Look only at me

by seikiunne11 in Other Media

Love me
Need me
Look only at me

All I wanted was you
But I know I can never have you

So I say I love you one last time
Before brightness brings me back to life


The beautiful stock photo of mariix-stock
I really love her eyes!!!


Rose also by mariix-stock

And the unexpectedly good outcome of this texture from redwolf518stock: http://redwolf518stock.deviantart.com/art/texture-stock-160-125290603?q=favby%3Aseikiunne11&qo=0

Poem by me!

I did this in paint.NET and http://www.picnik.com

Happy day!!! ♥

Adding a bot of trivia, this is where the the stock texture came from

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