The ballerinadoll by sandrahultsved

The ballerinadoll

by sandrahultsved in Fairytales

Graphite & color pencils.

Her story:
The ballerina dancer is empty inside, she sure is pretty as a doll, but she has no feelings anymore. But long, long ago she did. She was kind and loved everybody, but when she never got any love back, she got hurt.
A big cloud of dark sorrow filled her heart and mind. To get rid of these feelings she started dancing. She danced and danced! She had a real talent. She grew such talent, her dance was irresistible. Everyone now loved to see her dance.
But they didn't know, that she used her dance to revenge on all the people who haven't loved her before. Everyone who saw her dance got filled with her sorrow. They would feel unloved and unhappy, just like she did.
That is why she is now empty inside, but she still dances. And still everyone who see her dance, will be filled with her sorrow.
You can recognize her not only on her wonderful dance, but also on the skirt she wears, it is all torn up from the dancing. Her ballerina shoes as well, they are broken and covered in blood. Her face is doll-like, but if you look closely, in to her eyes, you can see they are dark and filled with melancholy.

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