Ivory by sandrahultsved


by sandrahultsved in Portrait

Black ink & red watercolor

Read her story:
The girl was born with a disease that made her skin as pale as porcelain and her hair white as ivory. Her eyes too was all pale and white, so she could not see. This was due to her disease which made the tear canals secrete too much salt. The salt inhibited natural evolvement of the eye causing only the eye globe to develop without proper iris. Therefor the doctors replaced them with two globes of glass, that had iris and pupil painted upon them.
The girl grew up without any problems, though she was always very lonely. Everyone that saw her got frightened by her pale look and vacuous eyes. They thought she was a creation of the devil or an actual ghost. Every time she walked down the street she could only hear how people were whispering and calling her names. That hurt her very much, their words echoed in her head all the way to home, where she burst out into tears. Once again the salty tears washed away the painted iris on her eyes made of glass. And once again her eyelids turned all red and sore by her heavy crying. After all years of crying, the painting on her eyes had washed away and only the white ivory color remained.

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