Eternal Winter by sandrahultsved

Eternal Winter

by sandrahultsved in Fairytales

Done with graphite pencils, ink pen and white ink.

Her story:
She is white as snow and cold as ice. She hasn’t always been like this though, no not at all. Long ago, many ages from now, she was like any kind of young girl. She had a warm loving heart and she loved to stroll around in the forest, just because it was so beautiful.
There was only in the forest she felt safe and free. Down in the village where she lived, no one hardly ever noticed her at all and she didn’t even try to draw attention to herself. It was in the forest she enjoyed being, so she didn’t care so much about anything else that went on. Although there was one person who she had for long admired. But only furtively, because she didn’t dare to show him or tell him how she felt, she didn’t know how. She could only dream about how it would be if, contrary to all expectations, he would become hers.

Ever until that day, when her dream became a nightmare. 
She saw his hand attached to someone else’s, then their lips touched. In that very second, she felt like the entire sky fell right down on her. Crashed down! She gasped for her breath and then she just froze. 
Her heart broke. 
Why could she not have let him know how she felt, or at least tried to. Never ever would she be able to love someone again. Never! 
A wrath of regret and grief grow inside of her. If she wouldn’t get to experience true love then no one else would too. 
 With an icy gaze, she went forward to the person, who for only a few seconds ago was the love of her life. The most perfect person in her eyes. Without a sound she took his hand in hers and saw how he slowly 
froze to ice. From his warm loving heart, the blood is freezing out in 
every vessel. The cold also reached in to the other hand which he hold on to. Then as silently and cold as she had gotten there, she let go of the frozen body and walked away.

She went up to the forest, where she feel safe. She went past a rosebush with red roses and she went right up to them. Just staring at the 
passionate red color, she reaches out her cold hand and touched 
the roses petals. They turned all white with frost. After that day she live in the forest, if you can call her living anymore. She strolls around 
like a lost soul in the forest and freeze everything with love 
and happiness into ice.

The end.

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