Digital Artist & Illustrator •

Sahir Khan is a Digital Artist and Illustrator studying Graphic Design at CalArts. He is a proud member of the Digital Art & Media Collectives: EvokeOne, Intrinsic Nature, and HeartSurge. His style ranges from simple illustrations to a wide variety of mixed media work using software from Adobe's Creative Suite and Maxon.

When Sahir is not working on anything art related, you would likely find him hiking with his friends, consuming unusual amounts of oranges, listening to various genres of music, fighting his twitter addiction, or giving tips on successful hair growth.

If you are a representative and would like to showcase Sahir and his work, or if you would like to work with him, suggest him some good reading material pertaining to human
behavior / psychology, or even if you’d simply like to say “Hello,” he would love for you to drop him a note.