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My name is Ryu Raphael with my last name falling under the family of Calderons. I am on my 17th year of age and am currently a freshman student who discovers the wonders of multimedia arts in Lyceum of the Philippines University.

I was born on November 20, 1994 as the youngest of my 3 siblings. I live in Bacoor, Cavite which is located somewhere near MetroManila. I was named after a Japanese video game character from StreetFighter which adds up uniqueness to my identity. I enjoy drawing, playing the guitar, listening to nice music, hanging out and jamming with friends, 9gagging, playing computer games and a lot more fun things to do. I am also a music-lover who listens to alternative rock music, usually opm, and to songs that contain something worth listening to. The Beatles and Eraserheads influenced me a lot. I admire people with great originality in expressing arts whether through music or through visual arts. I also do my best to support local works of art as well as general products because I believe that we should all become proud Filipinos.

My cronies often say that if they were to see me in a room during a free time, then I would be that one who is quiet and meek, the one who is busy sketching some anime works, or that one laughing with my hilarious and worth-having friends. To express freely, I believe I am someone who can be your good friend as I always try to be humble, approachable, friendly, and thoughtful although I admit that usually at first, I am not speaking that much. Anyway, I am sure that as I become get used to a friend's company, I can express my thoughts with him/her more.

To share briefly, I took up Multimedia arts because I want to enter the world of modern arts as I became exposed to digital arts, photography, film or audio editing, and even to the Japanese art called Anime which all truly fascinated me. I have realized that anime is so influential that it can create a person's dream in life for him or her to pursue. Likewise, I am one of those persons. The magic of anime has brought hope to every aspiring youth to dream and believe that he or she can someday make his or her own.