. Holding on to You . by rydi1689

. Holding on to You .

by rydi1689 in Fan Art

I don't want you to hate for all the hurt that you feel, cause everyone has hopes, you're human after all. ~ VNV Nation - Illusion. (I modified the lyrics to fit them better)

If it makes you sad at me then it's all my fault so let me fix it please. Cause you know I'm always all for you... ~ SafetySuit - What if.

Dengeki Daisy fan art, I love drawing angsty fan arts of these two. Photoshop was quite the bitch all along, it even closed once without saving my work so I had to rescreentone it again =C I still think it turned out too dark, but Photoshop won't let me make it any brighter without ruining the shading.

Hope you can enjoy it regardless I tried to imitate Motomi's manga style so that it'd look like an original page, not sure if got the feeling right, but it's the best I can do, so enjoy and spread the Dengeki Daisy Love!

Dengeki Daisy (c) Motomi Kyousuke
Art (c) rydi1689

Do not use without my written permission!

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