. F u r . E l i s e . by rydi1689

. F u r . E l i s e .

by rydi1689 in Fan Art

"The people and the friends that we have lost... the dreams that have faded... Never forget them"

~ Yuna - FFX

After watching the movie today I just had to do a fan art of it ;___; I quite liked it a lot, especially the beginning when Hermione left her house, the sountrack playing there was so epic, it's called Obliviate if you want to check it out.

In this work I tried to show the weakest side of them, what they had to leave behind...

In the movie Ron and Hermione play the piano together, to be more specific they play the song Für Elise by Beethoven; Here, Ron is playing alone as a symbol of his fear of losing Hermione, who just kissed her parents goodbye for ever and is completely shattered on the inside at the thought of breaking the bond that ties her to her parents, parents whom Harry can only see in photos scattered around, in an attempt to bring back moments of his childhood that were mercilessly taken away...

I want to dedicate this drawing to my lovely sister chibillyriusa for her constant love and support

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