ac~on~cept by ryannzha


by ryannzha in Vector Medium Artworks


A vector illustration, no image reference used, no tracing whatsoever. Details and step-by-step will be uploaded on my behance account.

What do you see here is.. an artist praying for an inspiration.
Nope, no muse here, just a regular ideas combined with shapes and thoughts.

The eye gazing upward, the 'embryo' of a concept, the toe of the guy brushing on the ground trying to visualize, the face of a girl and her separated visual attraction. Perception of these images, what are they?

What is an artwork without a concept? it's like a simpleton handsome guy, or a pretty chic without a brain.

I hope it's cool enough both in concept & visual.

Thanks for the support guys, what am I without all of yous. :)

Tools :
- AICS5 ( Pencil, Pen,
-Wacom Graphire4

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