spesies in 2222 by roganarchi

spesies in 2222

by roganarchi in TRADFURTIC

in 2222 the world have changing about the unstabilized season, incursion of hungry that strike out the population in the world and the condition of unstabilized season that give impact a half of population be vanished. if this condition is still like this, of course the human will be pass away forever and this earth not has habitant again.
the governtment all in the world agree for make the species that survive in this unstabilized season. they can adapted for this condition. so that the scientist make the species with composite of human and machines. they can adapted without need some nutrition and regeneration with themselves. so that this species can't be destroyed.
the world still go on.....


large size on : http://roganarchi.deviantart.com/art/SPECIES-IN-2222-195272457

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