Mother Earth by robertadelman

Mother Earth

by robertadelman in My Art

Mother Earth

Skies are gray, Mother Earth is fragile
Decaying before our eyes
You can feel the chill in the air,
I look out my window wondering
Its Cold in here , looks cold out there in the world,
Is Mother Earth warm..or ok,?
Her Colors are not bright as they used to be,more gray and daunting When I look deep
If a creature was to disappear,
Would anyone wonder where it went
or where it was or even care?
If a Beautiful flower was never to bloom again,
Could we recreate it ever again ?
So Color Could fill our sky once again like before
Are we going to let it all end or
Stand up and pray for the light to come out
So Mother Earth could smile at us once again
Will all be forgiven ?

Poem by Angel-Of-Evils, Lisa Taft


teatoo from for the texture
lilie - stockexchange for the face

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