Graphite Portraits • http://www.rickcorbettart.com

Woburn, USA

My name is Rick Corbett. I am a graphite and colored pencil portrait artist.

I am a self-taught artist. I am also a member of the Woburn Guild of Artists. I am inspired not only by other artists but from life itself. I am inspired by people, textures, smells, sounds, all my senses seem to come alive when I draw. My drawings take me on an artistic journey of self discovery. I feel my soul awaken when I draw. GOD has given me a gift and it's a gift I hope to use to bring people closer together. It's a gift I hope to use to capture the beauty that's in this World. I don't want my drawings to simply be pictures drawn on pieces of paper - I want my drawings to be a celebration of life.

My portraits are like my children. I created them and I'm proud of them. I hope to change the way people "see" each other. Everyone is special in their own special way. People trul inspire me. I love to learn about people, I love to learn backgrounds, traditions, and cultures. I think this is why I became a portrait artist, it just seemed natural to me. I believe that every person is beautiful and I hope to bring out that beauty in each portrait I draw. I hope to bring out the person's soul. I thank GOD everyday for the gift HE has given me. It's a gift that I hope to use to bring people closer together. It's one I hope to bring everyone's inner beauty out. It's one that I hope to make us all learn something about ourselves. It's a gift I hope that will bring a smile to someone's face or bring joy in someone's life.