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  • richholt


    Cheers for comments. Any better now. The idea being the big blue area will have 3 'frames' with fade transition.

    Other pages will not have the big blue area. Just homepage..

    Nov 24th, 2009 Reply
  • LostEagle


    Meng made some good points, I'm going to add to it. Also "it's just business" I've learned to critique this way, I'm sure you have so you understand, trying to help ;)

    It's quite symmetrical, causing it to be boring.

    "Who We Are?" sounds like your asking the user the question.

    I like the very top bar, helps to frame the content but its lost towards the bottom.

    The menu on the top right I do like, it's clear, good metaphors.

    Like Meng said, the color of the "Learning to be Safe" makes it invisible.

    The hierarchy of the bottom "more about us", "course information" and "contact form" seems to high and is pulling away from the actual description, unless that is what you want.

    Nov 17th, 2009 Reply
  • richholt


    Thanks Meng :) good points there.

    Looking at it on this crappy laptop, the white font definitely doesn't show well. Might try darken the background a bit behind it or make it a dark blue/grey.

    I'll work on it some more tomorrow and i'll post an update. Logo really bugs me, might try put it in some kind of holder like a tab coming down from the top.

    Will sleep on it and get my thinking cap on!

    and that "Course information" is rollover, will get a cursor on there :)

    it's seriously been too long since I've designed/coded a website. Need to get back in the game.

    Thanks again!

    Nov 16th, 2009 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    Looking good.

    Here are a couple of issues:
    - "Learning to be safe" white on light is not working well.

    - Logo is definitely too separate from the UI. Maybe a slogan or puting the menu next to it would help.

    - Not a big fan of the bottom green line. Should look more like the top green line, with gradient that make it fit more to the UI.

    - Typography-wise, you're using a bit too much of the same font. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. Definitely try a different typeface for different structure of information.

    - "Course Information" is supposed to be a rollover? If so, place a mouseover icon. If not, it looks out of place.

    Nov 16th, 2009 Reply