Dodge Viper by retselester

Dodge Viper

by retselester in Vector Artworks

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  • ChadSyphrett


    Stunning design. Very well-colored, realistic and brilliant work.

    Nov 17th, 2012 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    Awesome work

    Sep 30th, 2012 Reply Subscriber
  • Nora


    Oh, I loooove the Dodge Viper. I got to drive one once. I was doing this awful door-to-door/business-to-business sales job. My co-worker told me he knew this crazy old man that liked to buy our company's garbage all the time. We went over to his place, and sure enough -- he bought us out. THEN he told us, "I got some new cars, want to see them?" Of course, we figured we'd be polite and say yes. He took us out back, and HOLY CROW! He had FIVE VIPERS! One of them even had the mystic paint job -- the one that changes colour as you walk around it. Interference paints, you know? He actually asked us if we wanted to drive!!! We drove them around his back yard (I shouldn't say "yard", it was a field, complete with the circular drive). I will NEVER forget it. It handled like a dream and I didn't even realize it when I was going 180 mph.

    Sep 29th, 2012 Reply
    • retselester


      Nora, didn't you notice that I was that crazy old man? LOL. Just kidding. I want to own a DV someday. haha. btw, thanks :)

      Sep 29th, 2012 Reply
    • Nora


      Sep 30th, 2012 Reply