Naked for you by reiq

Naked for you

by reiq in Art

Hi! Guys!

I've been quite slow recently delivering new artwork mainly because this and last week weren't the best for me, so my mood to draw was under the cloud. however I'm recovering and I must because I'm quite late with this piece.

This is again for the Urbe Bikini Magazine (Venezuela) this picture illustrates part of the erotic tale included in the magazine, that's why it doesn't make much sense unless you read the tale so I'll summarize it.

This is the fantasy of this guy to see his girlfriend walking without any lingering garments through the shopping mall where everybody is looking her lusty body, and that makes them both excited and horny.

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    Haha at first I thought the composition was just so-so but after reading the story... it's perfectly executed! I like their expressions and the pose of the couple. Makes me think of my girlfriend, I can relate to his fantasy :)

    Nov 9th, 2009 Reply