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Reinaldo Quintero is a Digital Illustrator and one of the most promising talents from Latin America, His work has been reviewed in many magazines and art communities around the world. REIQ is also recognised as one of the most popular hentai artist on the net. ( )

This community is dedicated to all of you who have been an important part of this success, all of you who took the time to post opinions, to read the blog and all of you who keep visiting REIQ's work. This community has the intention to provide you with useful links to REIQ's work and keep you updated with the latest news, contest and tutorial releases and new projects.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy it!

Personal interests
Manga, hentai, anime, Japanese culture, comics,digital painting, illustration,art, music, drawing

Main community:

Interests: Art, Cultures, Life, Languages, Japanese Culture, Anime & Manga, Digital Painting, Erotic Art.
Influences: Jun Tsukasa, Shishizaru, Terada Katsuya, Hiroaki Samura, Joe Madureia, Carlos Pacheco, Micheal Turner, Paolo Serpieri, Boris Vallejo.
Music: J-rock & J-pop , Pearl Jam, Janne da arc.