Digital Art & Graphic Design

Currently residing in Porto, Portugal, Oscar is a 21 year old digital artist and graphic designer, who early started to get related to traditional forms of art and expression by influence of his grandfather, a traditional sculpturer. His further attachment to graffiti and street art open new horizons and helped him conceive new concepts and representations. Later, the fascination of posters and graphic design seen on the streets lead him to experiment modern ways of expression, such as digital art and design, and around March 2003, he was creating and experimenting abstract 3d art and conceptual digital art. Today, he is a member of the mega art collective, DepthCORE, for who great part of his digital art is produced for. Oscar is attending ESAD in Porto, studying graphic design and is also working freelance.

Oscar gets inspiration by everything he sees on the streets. The urban influence is very present in his work.

Apart from design and digital art, he also loves skateboarding, drawing, photography and cinema.

Tools of trade: Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4d, Canon 400D