Of Meteorites And Sunflowers by pritthish

Of Meteorites And Sunflowers

by pritthish in Digital Paintings

My first humble attempt at integrating some Van Gogh into my style. I must say, it was a really enjoyable experience, researching his paintings, analysing the strokes and trying to figure out how to replicate and integrate it into my own stuff.

Used Faestock's [ http://faestock.deviantart.com ] photograph as reference for the foreground.

A little about this painting:
The constrictive colour palette was a conscious choice. I chose to use this palette as an attempt at conveying the stark difference between earth and the meteorites. Notice how muted hues and "earthy" colours are used for the ground, trees and the woman, in contrast to the un-earthly quality of the greens and oranges used in the meteorites. Yet at the same time, the difference is just that of saturation, and that under our facades, we are all the same.

As for the woman. Ah, yes, everyone seems to assume the woman to be the subject of my work. And why not? After all, we humans have an innate nature to hold ourselves over all else. No, the woman is secondary. The subject here are the meteorites, not the woman. The woman is essentially a backdrop, a grounded part of earth, if you may. The meteorites here are to give a glimpse into how horribly small we are in the grand scheme of things.

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