Sunrise Lament: Swan by plantiebee

Sunrise Lament: Swan

by plantiebee in Acrylic Paintings

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Here is my latest Bird Girl painting - painted in acrylics on a reclaimed plywood board measuring 43.5 x 65.5 cm (it was very heavy haha!)

This painting symbolized for me those delicate moments where things have been going so bad for so long that you can do nothing else but smile, even if its through the tears.
When I first started painting her, it wasnt intended to be this way, but the more I developed her face I felt the meaning in it.
I think perhaps weve all felt this way. The sun is rising, it is a new day, you know it will be exactly the same and you just chuckle to yourself. The beauty in the misery.

Total time spent: 43 hours and 35 minutes

I hope you like her!

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