Aedhen: Winter Guardian by plantiebee

Aedhen: Winter Guardian

by plantiebee in Digital Creations

Wow, well it is complete!
Here is my digital creation of Aedhen, who was my fiances WoW character recreated to his specification!!
She is odorned with a hakama - as he practiced akido, shes holding a Desert Eagle, which was originally meant to be a sniper rifle as he was a special forces ranger in the army, but it didnt work. So a big hand gun instead!! :P The katana is for his obsession and love with japanese culture, and the snowy forest!! Im sure was just to torture me.

This took me well over 10 hours I am sure - mostly because of that forest which I had no clue how to make yet some how. I seemed to have managed :P

All the thank yous for textures are on my deviantart (by the same name as this account) so you can mosey on over there for those :P

I hope you all like her! Shes one of those pictures that looks better up close and personal imo, but small format will have to do. To check out the full sized photo see my blog!

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