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London, United Kingdom

The end of 2010 alot of bad stuff happened to me and it kind of kicked my ass back in to drawing… I got told I could lose the use of my left arm off the back of a bad cycling accident in which I tore my Rotator Cuff 3 places, the main chunk of muscles and tendons that control the movement of your arm and parts of your shoulder. That was a massive warning to get back in to drawing. Shortly after the accident my Grandfather passed away due to ill health. Both these bad things became a huge catalyst to get back in to my natural talent… and in doing so helped me deal with the pain at the time of both incidents.

My creativity stems from a young age when I used to pick up anything that could make a mark on paper. I have developed my creative skills starting with Fine Art in higher education and progressing to my degree subject, Graphic Design, in 2002. After graduating I pursued web/interactive design and code – I neglected my drawing for years! I feel stupid for doing that… if you see some of my old stuff from 1998 you would curse me… I’m trying to get back to my old standard!

My drawing/illustration style is heavily influenced by Rolf Harris, Brian Wood, Ashley Wood, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Humberto Ramos, John Romita Jr, Jim Mahfood, Skottie Young, Will Barras, Duncan Jago (Mr. Jago) and many others. I dream of earning a living drawing :)