Ossuary in Sedlec by pingallery

Ossuary in Sedlec

by pingallery in Architecture / Interior

The town Kutna Hora lies about 70 km southeast from Prague removes in Czechia. By her historical core is the town of European meaning and belongs, hence, also since 1995 to the UNESCO-world cultural heritage.

In the part of town of Sedletz one finds the cemetery. This cemetery was big enough, however, it came to the shortage of space, because epidemic and the wars more and more places were required by the plague. Hence, a charnel-house, the Sedletz-Ossarium originated in the 14th century under the cemetery chapel. One says that the pyramids of skeletons were in the cellar of about 40,000 people from what the bones were artistically processed by about 10,000 people to form decorations and fitments for the church building, the work of a blind monk who lived all around 1510. The wood carver Frantisek Rint took over the sacred decorations and the preparation, nevertheless, in the 19th century.

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