Of Prague city police to horses by pingallery

Of Prague city police to horses

by pingallery in Other

We know it, unfortunately, everybody:
Especially in centers of cities, and in the underground, trams and buses, always where many groups of people meet, Pickpocketing is the number of very high! Some cities, including Prague, however, employ the "mounted police". The policemen have quite impressive view from the saddle, which means that her for example pickpockets, who try humans to rob, much rather recognize can. 2010 "Mounted police" was used for the first time on the old town square! I find them in theirs Appearance very smartly! You can provide so faster tourists and citizens of Prague with any advice or information to and help immediately in the event of difficulties!

The benefits of using horses as city police is very clear. They come even to places, by a car, motorcycle or bicycle, extremely difficultly are to be reached. Let us all hope. that this way the pickpockets have worse cards. :grin

Sorry for my bad English!

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