Eosander chapel at Charlottenburg Palace by pingallery

Eosander chapel at Charlottenburg Palace

by pingallery in Architecture / Interior

Berlin's exceedingly stately Royal Castle is the beautiful Charlottenburg alace. The castle is surrounded by equally magnificent symmetric landscaped gardens which is bounded by the river Spree. Anyone who loves old magnificent buildings will have on the building's delight. The harlottenburg Palace presents the serene and lavish side of Prussia. A touch of Versailles may have envisioned the first king of Prussia in the expansion of Charlottenburg Palace.

In the castle the historical living rooms of the royal family to Hohenzollern, exhibitions of paintings and a porcelain cabinet can be visited. The interior equipment itself is magnificent and noble, the whole maybe already a little bit sometimes looks kitschy. The porcelain cabinet with verspiegelten walls, the castle chapel and the oaken gallery are exceedingly interesting, evertheless if one can see about decorations too much away.

The Builder of the Castle, Johann Friedrich Eosander, had provided no place for an organ in the chapel. So, Schnitger here before a demanding task was made. Old documents show that was very satisfied with the result. Unfortunately was in World War II, although outsourced, a robbery of the flames. 1970 Reconstruction after old Aufmaßen by Karl Schuke, Berlin. Today, it is a reconstructed organ in the Eosander Chapel.

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