Castle of Ljubljana by pingallery

Castle of Ljubljana

by pingallery in Architecture / Exterior

Ljubljana (German Ljubljana, Lubiana Italian, Latin Labacum) is the capital and at the same time the largest city in Slovenia. There are at least two explanations for the origin of the Slovenian name of the city: after the one he comes from ljubljena (beloved town), aluviana after the other from the Latin name of the River.
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Castle of Ljubljana - Ljubljanski gradThe castle of Ljubljana is the most obvious Charakteristium Ljubljanas. The castle is an attractive tourist point as well as scene of numerous cultural events, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, conventions and Protocol receptions, which lend a special coinage to the happening in the city Ljubljana in the pictorial ambience of the castle.

The observation tower offers the most beautiful prospect on Ljubljana and the environment. It was in place of "Tower of the Stadtpfeifer" built, which was torn off 1813 under French crew. Later a signal tower was established here, in which a guard lived.
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