The Flight of Mr. Robinson by pikaso

The Flight of Mr. Robinson

by pikaso in Photo Manipulations | Typography

This is my first collaboration with Ms. Guia Ty a.k.a. seikiunne11
She made this beautiful poem inpired by the song "Mrs. Robinson" of Simon and Garfunkel.

"The Flight of Mr. Robinson"

Look around you, you see the bright skies
All around you are birds flying high
Fly around the sky until you feel free
And finally you feel you are home

Here's to you, Mr. Robinson
Heaven loves you more than you will know
Bless you, Mrs. Robinson
This sky holds a place for those who want to fly

Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes
Fly in the sky holding on to birds of might
A little secret Mr. Robinson knows
Of happiness found hiding in the clouds

Cheers to you, Mr. Robinson
People envy you more than what you know
Goodbye to you, Mrs. Robinson
Heaven is a place for all men who want to be free.

Stocks Used:
Model- "Flying" by *tale-carrier
Heavy Clouds by Dractus Stock
Feather Brush from
Bald Eagle by jrscience
Cityscape from

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