Mojo by pictsy


Back in 1998 Dan Abnett teamed up with Henry Flint in an attempt to repeat the success he had had with Sinister Dexter three years before. The result was Sancho Panzer about a Robin Hood saviour figure on the war torn planet of Vainglory Five. It lasted eleven progs culminating in the ultimate sacrifice of three lead characters (title character Major Sancho Panzer, a.k.a Val included) saving the planet from the threat of giant worms.

For most people – Dan Abnett included – the series was a flop. For me, I loved it. I still love it on re-reading. There was nothing wrong with it and it was, imo, not given a fair chance. The story was certainly no worse than any Sinister Dexter story and again imo it was funnier, too. That is forgetting the simply sublime artwork by the magnificent Henry Flint. It is certainly one story that stuck firmly in my mind, so in respect to what I thought was a great missed chance at a long running strip I decided to do a homage. I had it all planned out but realised that I could fit it all into one wallpaper when I got started. Here is the first I completed of Sancho Panzer's tank, as infamous as the man himself, Mojo.

As always Sancho Panzer is the copyright of Rebellion.

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