Illustrator •

Hi all! My name is Natacha Chohra, I am a self-taught artist born in France and living in the UK. Like a lot of you I have loved drawing and painting since I can remember! I have also always had very a strong interest in myths and legends but only started thinking about putting the two together about 18 months ago. I think I may finally have found what I am truly passionate about :) I also do a lot of portraits commission work. I still have so much to learn but am having fun on this journey!

My ambition in life is to quit the day job and become a full time illustrator some day, preferably in children's books. They made me dream when I was little and I would love to give something back that way :)

My biggest project this year (as well as working on my portfolio) will be to create a website to host my work. In the meantime I have an art page on Facebook Please feel free to stop by!

I look forward to meeting you all and being inspired by the beautiful art produced by this community.

Until next time...