Bung TOMO by peni


by peni in Vector Art

Sutomo was born in Kampung Blauran in the centre of Surabaya to a clerk father, Kartawan Tjiptowidjojo, and mother of mixed Javanese, Sundanese and Madurese descent. He was forced to give up his education at the age of twelve because of family economic hardship during the Great Depression. Alongside menial jobs, he joined the Indonesian Scouting organisation and at the age of seventeen as the second Pramuka Garuda; a rank achieved by only three Indonesians before the Japanese occupation during World War II.[1] The photograph included on this page was not taken during the Battle for Surabaya, but two days later, at a staged photo shoot for a Jakarta journal. The umbrella belongs to a Malang Resort. The photo session was witnessed by former General Suhario Padmodiwiryo, author of Indonesia's most successful novel on Surabayan events. Bung Tomo had never claimed this was a photo taken during the fighting, but Western academic authors and modern Indonesians have repeatedly used it as proof of Sutomo's "leadership."

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bung_Tomo

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