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Chicago, America

Patrick Olsen was born in Chicago, IL. where he taught himself how to become the artist that he is today. He began drawing at the very young age of 4. He began moving around alot due to family issues. In High School Patrick received awards for his art projects and even a scholarship to a full fledged College. After High School, Patrick began attending college and taking classes for Digital Media of Arts and 3D animation and modeling as well as regular 2D animation. He now takes commissions from people who like his art and the same for requests. Patrick's style of art is a mix between anime/manga, comic, and cartoon. He also has worked on portrait art and animations that can be found on youtube. You could also find Patrick Olsen on Facebook. Just look for "Infernoworks Art Images" and look for Patrick Olsen (the owner) there. If you have any questions or comments or even requests, feel free to send an email to Thank you for visiting!