Photographer, Graphic Artist, • www.oyenrodriguez.com

Iloilo, Philippines

I was born and raised in Iloilo City, Philippines.
When I was about 3 years old, as she was going to work, my mother used to leave me at home with pencils and papers. Back then, i already felt really good with it. As the years were passing by, I realized that it became more than just a leisure. Drawing and Arts actually became a passion.
So In high school, my parents enrolled me into art education, and i studied dance, music, theater, and creative writing. I took the visual arts as a major. Thanks to the courses I followed, I enhanced my talent and skills in arts.
Then, I went to “La Consolasion college” in Bacolod and decided to take Fine Arts as a major to get a bachelor degree in Advertising Arts. I kept learning, enhancing, and exploring more knowledge and inspiration about visual and fine arts.
Now, I’m specializing in Photography and Multi-media arts such as Graphic Design, Cinematography and Post Production.
Aside from visual arts, I am influenced by Hip-Hop Culture. I’ve been practicing B-boying or Break dancing for the past 9 years, and I understand how beautiful the freedom of the arts is. Dancing is for me another way to express myself.
But still…Knowledge is endless… I keep on learning day after day ; I’m earning my life with passion, and with freedom of mind
My passion of Arts guides me trough life.