Visual Artist • www.oxidizzy.com

My name is Kama. I was born in 1985 and currently based in Denpasar, a small and cute city in Bali, Indonesia. From here, I lead the oxidizzy projects and enjoy my creative journey.

I am a visual artist, graphic designer and illustrator, and very passionate about this profession. Before playing in this area, I only took a few formal graphic design classes, mostly self-taught.

I have got a big experience and learn a lot during years of my works in some printing houses and design studios. From the year 2008 I start my freelance carrier and pay more and more attention to development of my own unique style in graphic and illustration. I spend a lot of time in book store and surfing the web trying to be up to date with the work of illustrators I admire. That's what keep me motivated.

My inspirations are simplicity, flexibility, harmony, hope, freedom, sensuality, beauty, love and friendship. I believe that I unconsciously incorporate all that in my work and the result is a pleasant visual journey. I just enjoy and people have responded positively to it, which has given me even more reason to continue in this style.

If you are interested in working with me you can write
to info@oxidizzy.com , I love to receive emails with new proposals.