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So I started to think who I really am. Well I guess I am pessimistic in a way that I don’t want to assume and then regret in the end but it is so ironic that I usually advice other to become optimistic.

I hate narrow minded people especially when dealing with minor issues. I easily get irritated when someone doesn’t seem to understand your situation, pretending like they don’t see what is really going on.

It’s not easy for me to deal with different kind of person but most of the time, I can manage. I don’t usually talk when I am alone, of course I don’t want to make myself believe that I am crazy. Though sometimes I talk to myself and ask few questions about the cycle of life.

Yes I do care for other people, but I don’t give a damn to approach them personally unless I find it necessary. I am not a loner, I am not that kind of emotional kid but I prefer being alone rather than surrounded by other people.

Sometimes I am patient, but most of the time I AM NOT. There are times like I don’t care, but most of the time YES I REALLY DO.
Music is one of my interests, but sad to say my voice is not for singing. Well there are things that are not meant to happen so I’ve accepted that music will never become my passion.

Still stuck on the puzzle, trying to find out why there are things that are so complicated when it’s not supposed to be

Dedicated to the teens who have lost their lives in car accidents and to all those who loved them...

18 years old!