ferroseux by onatism


by onatism in vexel illustrations

Ferroseux, a sea monster who exist in year 3143 said to be the hardest sea creature for its two layer of bone, covering its upper body where the gold fins is attached.
With its hard covering (serve as its bone shield), it can easily destroy a ship with just one hit. And scientist finds it hard to be studied for its ability to cloak itself in the mist of the sea and said to be one of its kinds.
Ferroseux grinned preys into tiny bits with its 110 teeth (including 4 canine teeth), for it who have small digestive system.
Because of the outer bone covering, it can burrow into land to hunt for its favorite prey which is humans.
When their is a tsunami or even a big wave in the sea, it said to be that ferroseux is coming in just riding the wave

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