Alodia by onatism

Artwork Category: Vexel
Software: Adobe Photoshop Cs5
Tools: Pen tool (for making Alodia’s Face)
Brush Tool (for the Lighting Effects)
No. of Shape Layers: 522 Layers
Style Used: Alpha Masking
Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao
Reference Photo From : Reskiy

I want the hair to look more realistic so I made the hair strands finer, (I just used pen tool for the hair strands Make a path > Stroke Path > Stimulate Pressure) I put some detailed stuffs around her eyes to make it more lively. For the shadows, I used my very own style for making it and I called it cross-hatched shadow. (40% is the opacity of every shape layers on shadows) I used the brush tool for the lighting effects. I chose warm colors for the lighting effects to make it more dramatic. (Blending mode of the lighting effects layer should be in “Color”, “Lighten” or “Screen” Mode)

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