Axoröt by omegear


by omegear in 3D Artworks

As predators, the Axoröt can have significant impact on their prey species. The Axoröt consume large numbers of humain – about 90 percent of their diet – but seem willing to supplement their diet with any living creature their huge jaws can surround, including very small frogs, crayfish, waterfowl, rodents, and other small mammals.

The Axoröts have an average life span of 200 to 350 years.

The Axoröts are nocturnal. Victims are located primarily by sensing vibrations.(The tips of the branches have small organs that detect vibrations in the water)

The world's most dangerous Axoröt live in North Africa and the Middle East, South America , India, and Mexico . In some of these areas, Axoröt stings may be a significant cause of death, but reliable data on human mortality are not readily available. Some available statistics suggest typical mortality rates up to about 34% in hospital cases, with children and the aged being most susceptible. Death by Axoröt sting, if it occurs, is the result of heart or respiratory failure some hours after the incident.

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