#363. say Hello. - sag Hallo. by oli

#363. say Hello. - sag Hallo.

by oli in 365er'project

i took the original foto some weeks ago. i went some metres around taking some pictures, so now i īcan relax in sommer impressions to express myself. when i go for a walk so many things reminds me for my childhood. cathcing butterflies, go fishing, biking, building snowmen, having fun at the lake, go sledding, shooting with an airrifle on birds, playing games, get some cake at teatime with friends of a noughbours mother. now i am 22... i dont know. but i can only remember the highlights(good&bad) in your life. now i cant remember that much.... i should refresh my remembered history, look up into the family album. i should shut down the computer. i spend too much time infront of it....

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  • Andi


    This is great.
    The only thing i would change in the picture is the landscape at the bottom. I would have made it a little darker... but thats just me. :)

    overall, its great.

    Oct 27th, 2007 Reply
    • oli


      hi andi,
      i have a TFT and a CRT screen to check the light and the overall look on both systems, you would be stunned, what unbelieveable difference there is. watching it on a CRT i could say maybe it could be darker, but i tried to get a result best viewed on TFT and CRT. (print is another story)

      i think its a nice contrast between the lighter and the darker green. if i would make it darker, the contrast would be gone, or i make the darker tree row still darker, but then its not far away from black ;) u see its complicated. thx for commenting (:

      Oct 29th, 2007 Reply
  • Rerab


    Thats gorgeous! i love it! :]

    Oct 24th, 2007 Reply
    • oli


      thanks for your comment.

      Oct 29th, 2007 Reply