#362 yeahhh, i can fly!!! by oli

#362 yeahhh, i can fly!!!

by oli in 365er'project

one of the most outspoken dreams - " i wish i could fly, iwish i could touch the sky..." (:


i found a song from my early youth... mhhm back in the days in a summercamp...first disco... etc ^^


Put on my raving shoes and
I boarded a plane.
Touched down in the land where
the skies were blue,
in the middle of the pouring rain.
Everybody was happy, energy
shining down on me.
Yeeeah, I've got a
first-class ticket been as
good as a boy can be.

I'm raving, I'm raving.
I'm raving til' the sweat
drops fall down off me.
I'm raving, I'm raving.
But do I really feel the way I feel?

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