The Great River In The Sky by obsidianphotos

The Great River In The Sky

by obsidianphotos in Astrophotography

I have been meaning to do a vertical panorama of the Milky Way stretching overhead for a while now but this is my first attempt. Made up of 10 individual shots using a Canon 60D and a Tamron 10-24mm @ 10mm. Images stitched together in PS CS3. I had a hard time deciding which way to orientate this but decided on this composition as if you are lying flat on your back gazing at the stars and you can turn your head to the left or right to the horizons. On the left (southern) horizon you can see a small amount of light pollution form a city about 60 miles (100 km) away. The redder haze on both horizons is caused by smoke in the atmosphere. A lot of people are burning off their fields around here lately. The Large amd Small Magellanic Clouds are top left.

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