.my.world. by noah-kh


by noah-kh in Portfolio

Solitude settled into a harmonious grey
Slowly dissolving in the melancholic blues

Gently sigh as I
Gently smile as I

In my world
Colour is life
Waiting is rule

I listen to wind’s joy
I shake oceans’ sorrow
I melt volcano’s passion
I can never feel you

Everything here
In you eyes
Is a dream that will never be realized

But you need not wonder
Because I who created this world
Had always been in yours
Waiting to be created

2nd in the set of this style after .last.song.
this piece was very much inspired by an earlier piece, .butterfly.
there was a tutorial done for this for 2DArtist Magazine, you can find the link to download the file on my website. http://zemotion.net/noah

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