.autumn's.melody. by noah-kh


by noah-kh in Portfolio

in my eyes there's only darkness
in my ears there's only silence
but when my fingers touch the keys
my heart tells me...

it's clocks that have forgotten time,
narrating autumn's chills..
it's waters that have forgotten to flow,
relating the slow passing of time..

thank you
autumn sunlight..
for making everything become sheer ..
from this time everything's breathings..
i can hear

i'm not perfect or even complete..
but i perform with my heart..
playing the anticipation of fallen leaves..
playing the heartlessness of running waters..
playing the gloominess of every heart..

when the autumn winds ignites a spread of reminiscences,
can you faintly hear from so faraway..
that broken fairy..
is reciting an autumn's song with her heart...

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