FOREVER CAGED by ninaste


by ninaste in MY WORK

This had been basically waiting on my WIP folder from January 2012 and I had so much work that I couldn't get to it, so yesterday I sat down and in about 3 hours I started and finished this from scratch, I am inmensely proud of this work, because it's all done so quickly and the quality of it satisfies me as an artist ^^

I have progressed a lot in the digital painting thing, now I can finally say that I am a speed painter, really love this. As well as the work is really closed to me.

It represents my eternal mental battle, as must of us I am always battling with my inner demons, I do too much thinking during the day, sometimes more than I should I believe, and the process of living becomes a little more difficult because of all that thinking, I always feel pressured, I always feel like all things are on my shoulders for one reason or the other, it's a burden from which at times I want to free but there are always ties that keep me there, I hope you understand what I tried to represent with this work;

Have a nice day

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